Update on me

Okay, an update on me and my Cyrff collection. Since writing the me page, back in November, I have received the Cyrff vinyl that I was waiting for. It was the 12" untitled vinyl with Cymru, LLoegr a LLanrwst on it. Also since writing this page Sherbet Antlers have released a single called Hikikomorai/Let Yourself Go, which I happen to have a copy of in my collection of CDs Ė donít ask how many copies I have of it! La la la la la mmm la la la la ba ba la.

I had an e-mail from someone asking if I wanted any pictures of the band. I said I would like pictures of Cyrff and they e-mailed me the pictures. Has anyone else got any other pictures of the band? If they do, please, please e-mail them to me at y_cyrff_girlie@yahoo.co.uk.

Anyway going back to February, I went and saw Sherbet Antlers at the Clwb Ifor Bach and they did LLawenydd Heb DDiwedd. Afterwards I sent them an e-mail asking them for the lyrics to LLawenydd Heb DDiwedd. They sent me the lyrics Ė oh boy they didnít know that I own the Cyrff site and that I was going to put them up on the site until I e-mailed them asking for permission to use them on the site. Err I think I am in the doghouse!

In March, I bought Damwain Mewn FFatri Cyllyll a FFyrc from eBay, which had the added advantage of a picture of the band on the cover - another picture of the band!

Couple of months later, I managed to buy Mae DDoe Yn DDoe on tape, LLawenydd Heb DDiwedd on tape and Damwain Mewn FFatri Cyllyll a FFyrc from eBay. Now I can have one set with me and another lot at home.

I have got a digital camera so now I can take pictures of various Y Cyrff vinyl covers.

I have also managed to buy Mae DDoe Yn DDoe on CD from eBay which will allow me to get sound clips from it instead of having to download the songs from the Internet. A very nice fan copied a bootleg for me. I would like to thank that fan and so far I havenít stopped playing it Ė another thing to drive my family and friends up the wall with! Mmm they love that - lots. ;-) Some day I will get my family to appreciate good music.

I went on holiday to Wales. I went armed with my Cyrff folder and some thing to do, relating to the site. I asked about Y Cyrff but no luck. I finished writing the first draft of this page and included this: "I am currently in my hideout in Wales. I am drinking a bottle of beer so iechyd da o Gymru".

I am back from my holidays and listening to Y Cyrff. I got some videos (two people have sent me these videos) to add to the site but I need to get permission to use them. Well thereís a re-design of the site to work on. It has become a routine for me, on most nights, to watch the videos from 10.30 p.m to 11.30. This has led family members to poke their heads around the door and ask, "You are not watching Cyrff again, are you?" with a disappointed look while I am quickly trying to change the channel. I am sure that certain family members are starting to worry about my sanity. Oh well!

I said I am currently taking from the running the site which I am. I have got lots of plans to meet up with friends that I havenít seen for a long time (unless you count down the pub). I know bad bad web mistress! I also got a room to tidy. I wonder what I will get for Christmas - a Cyrff record or two?


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