Christine's profile/Proffeil Christine'

Name/Enw: Christine, aka y cyrff groupie or y cyrff girlie or Cyrff webmistress.
Location/LLe: Newbury, U.K
Website/Gwe safle: you know or other else you wouldn't do this bio thingy
Where first heard about Cyrff?/LLe naethoch chi cyntaf wedi clywed am Y Cyrff? Yoiu know, you can read about it here
Favourite Cyrff song/Hoff gân Cyrff: Mewn Plu
Favorite Cyrff album/Hoff albwn Cyrff: LLawenydd for sick days or Mae DDoe Yn DDoe for other times.
Other comments/Eraill sywl: I am the drunk Cyrff webmisrrtress and end up dsleeping, eating, brushimng my teeth, getting changed in front of my computer to keep you lot happy and of course Cyrff. Ity doesn't lot got ggod for the websmistrees to drunk abd i think somebody ownes myew a drink - Jack Danirels with coke or a pint of guinness will be fibne. mm Mewn Plu. Somebidy needs to send me an e-,mail (you know who you are)

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