Chantal's Profile/Proffeil Chantal'

Name/Enw: Chantal Patton
Location/LLe: UK
Website/Gwe safle: New Bonhomie
Where first heard about Cyrff?/LLe naethoch chi cyntaf wedi clywed am Y Cyrff? Heard about them through Catatonia naturally. Was interested in hearing a band fronted by Mark.
Favourite Cyrff song/Hoff gân Cyrff: Either Cymru, Lloegr a Llanrwst or Llawenydd Heb Ddiwedd
Favorite Cyrff album/Hoff albwn Cyrff: Mae Ddoe Yn Ddoe
Other comments/Eraill sywl: Meh, I'm rubbish at thinking of these things.

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