Radio chief's four-letter fury

by Emyr Williams

A red-face BBC Wales chief has had a rock concert tape destroyed after a song ontaining a four-letter word was played on the air.

Mr Meirion Edwards, head of the BBC's Radio Cymru service, ordered the action after listening to the Aberystwyth recorded tape, which featured a song by the Conwy Valley based rock band "Y Cyrff."

The song, which included an English swear word, was played on Radio Cymru's popular teenage programme "Cadw Reiat" at peak time on Saturday morning.

A North Wales College student who heard the song said the words came over loud and clear.

An immediate top level investigation was ordered within BBC Wales in Cardiff, resulting in Mr Edwards himself listening to the offensive tape yesterday morning.

In a statement later, the BBC's press officer Mr Gwyn Griffiths said Mr Edwards thought the version of the song used on the programme should not been broadcast, and that he would be discussing the matter with the Swansea-based producer.

Mr Griffiths added: "On Mr Edwards' instructions we have now destroyed the tape, ensuring there will no reptition of this offensive song on radio."

"Y Cyrff" is made up of Marc Roberts (singer), Dylan Hughes (drummer), both aged 18, Barry Cawley (guitarist) and Paul Jones (bass guitarist).

Mr Hughes, of Pentrefoelas, said he was surprised the BBC had used the version recorded at the Marine Hotel in Aberystwyth as there is another version of the song which does not contain bad language.

He added: "It is no secret that we do sometimes use such words when we appear live on stage, and it was not our fault that this version was played on radio. Surely it was up to the BBc producer to listen to the tape first before playing it."

Singer Marc Roberts, a butcher in the family business at LLanrwst, said he also blamed the BBC for not checking the tape beforehand.

He said the group, set up about three years ago, appeared regularly at Venues in Cardiff, Aberystwyth, Bangor and Caernarfon, and there no complaints when they did use offensive words.

They had also played in a rock concert at this year's Bro Madog National Eisteddfod, but no offensive words had been used on that occasion.

But what surprised Mr Roberts most was the fact that the offending tape been played on Radio Cymru before without anyone complaining.

Drummer Dylan Hughes claimed the BBC knew before recording the Aberystwyth concert that the group used bad language in live performances.

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