Four-letter word that banned song

By Deiniol Tegid

A punk band have had one of their songs banned from Welsh-language Radio Cymru because it contains a four-letter word.

The tape, featuring Conwy Valley rock band Y Cyrff was broadcast on the air on Saturday morning.


And singer Marc Roberts, who works in the family business as a butcher in LLanrwst, blames the BBC for the misunderstanding.

"The concert was recorded a year ago and has played on Radio Cymru once before." he said.

"It's the BBC's own fault. They should have listened to the tape before broadcasting it."

Y Cyrff - voted Wales' top rock band in an HTV opinion poll - used the word during a concert in Aberystwyth a year ago which featured serveral punk and alternative groups.

An immediate inquiry was launched after the programme, which resulted in the head of Radio Cymru, Mr Meirion Edwards, ordering the offencing tape to be destroyed.

BBC Press officer Mr Gwyn Griffiths said: "The tape had been played before but no-one had noticed the offending word then. But the tape certainly should not have been broadcast."

Y Cyrff

Y Cyrff: they blame the BBC for the controversy over the broadcasting of their song.

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