How Obsessed Are You With Y Cyrff?

I visit this site every day to see if there is any news on Y Cyrff
I have at least ten Y Cyrff sites bookmarked. (if you can found any more then let me know)
I made my own Y Cyrff web site.
My desktop picture is a picture of Y Cyrff.
My bedrooms are covered in Y Cyrff posters.
I own more than three Y Cyrff records.
I spend all day listening to Y Cyrff.
My favoutite song is a Y Cyrff song.
I think I see Y Cyrff band members on the street.
I wander through Wales looking for band members of Y Cyrff.
Moved to Wales to be near Y Cyrff band members.
For Halloween I dress like one of the band members of Y Cyrff.

I have dreams about Y Cyrff.
I make up songs or poems about Y Cyrff.
Named my cat/dog Y Cyrff.
Named at least one child after one of the Y Cyrff band members.
I managed to convert people to become Y Cyrff fans.
I take quizes like this one.

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