Oh, a page about me. Okay where do I start? Let start with the basics, my name is Christine. I live in
England - before you ask, "Are you Welsh?" The answer, sadly, is I am not.

I know what you are thinking, How did you hear about Y Cyrff and why are you running a website about
them? (Sometimes I do not know the answer to that one myself.)

The answer to the first one is that I am a huge fan of
Catatonia. I had heard that Mark and Paul from Catatonia were in Y Cyrff. (Plus I also heard that Markie was
on vocals - cool huh!) I have found LLwybr LLaethog's remix of LLanrwst on the internet. I guess, out of curiosity, I downloaded Trwy'r Cymylau from the internet. (I know it is
wrong but without it - I wouldn't have got into Y Cyrff therefore this website wouldn't have existed.) I wanted
to know a bit more about the band, so I went on the internet to search for Y Cyrff links and found only one.
The one I found was cudd which only had sound clips. In the meantime, I re-read the section on Y Cyrff
in "Cerys, Catatonia and the Rise of Welsh Pop" by David Owens - it had very little on Y Cyrff. I also re-read
"To Hell and Back with Catatonia" by Brian Wright - that had less about Y Cyrff then David Owens had in his

After a year, I decided it was about time to buy a Y Cyrff album so I went on Ankst's Site and bought Mae
DDoe Yn DDoe. (I have lost count how many times I have played that tape - I am sure if I play it
one more time that my family will go mad. I think they just did!)

Anyway going back to the story of how I became a Y Cyrff fan, I posted a message
in a yahoo group asking if anyone knew anything about Y Cyrff. A couple messages later, I found out
a Y Cyrff link is rare. I suggested that I could do a Y Cyrff website if I know a little bit more about
Y Cyrff. Somebody advised me that I should do it anyway and maybe people would start telling me about
the band. With no money in pocket (I am a student) and being a Welsh learner, I decided to start up a Y
Cyrff website as an offshoot of my other site - The Lads From Catatonia which was what I was designing
at that time. In May 2003, this website was born. Hosted by Geocities, it has four pages - home, about,
contact me and a guestbook. The about page only had a paragraph on Y Cyrff.

About a month later, I managed to find Cam O'r Tywyllwch (which includes Tic Toc and Lebanon) on eBay.
I placed my bid and won. I also managed to bid for Pum Mumud on eBay and again I won it. During this
period, I was e-mailing anyone that I thought might know something. This proved a little bit wasted - but I
tried my best. I also added things like forum, vote page, chat room - all hosted by bravenet to my site.

Maybe a month later, I was finding that my Y Cyrff collection was not quite big enough so I added
LLawenydd Heb DDiwedd to it. This had the added advantage that it has lyrics to three songs - Cwrdd,
Nunlle and Eithaf. So I added a lyrics page to the website.

I sent another round of e-mails to my contacts. I got some pictures from somebody. I added a picture page to
my website. I also added another counter because I could not believe that anyone was viewing the website.
(At time of writing, I have something like 70 visitors to the website. At the moment I am waiting for another
Y Cyrff vinyl. I don't think I have asked the question - "Is there any post for me?" so much in my life. I am also
up and waiting beside my post box for it.)

I guess the reason why this website has had more visitors than my The Lads From Catatonia website is
because the world has lots of Catatonia links. Where as Y Cyrff have only a handful websites on them.

The reason why am I doing this site
Now ask me if I prefer Y Cyrff or Catatonia. The trouble is I have no answer to this as comparing Mark
Roberts' guitar playing and lyrics with Mark Roberts' guitar playing and lyrics or Paul Jones' bass playing with
Paul Jones' playing , is hard as they are the same people. Also half of Y Cyrff became Catatonia. News has it
Mark Roberts and Paul Jones have started a new group with John Griffiths and Kevs Ford of LLwybr
LLaethog. (Sadly, while I was reading To Hell and Back with Catatonia, I found out that Barry C has died.
My thoughts go out to Barry's friends and family on this sad news.)

The funniest moment whilst running the website was when I was e-mailed some pictures of Y Cyrff. I had to
do a double take when I saw Paul Jones with long hair. I even looked at the Catatonia poster that is hanging
on my wall beside my computer. I could not believe that Paul could have long hair because he was the member
of Catatonia that would not get drunk. I guess I only know Catatonia later on in their careers.

I guess there will be a few more surprises in store for me. I hope I can continue this website for as long as
possible. If it is not forever - I do not know when I will give this website up.

You can read my online journal (It is kept in English).


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